Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The best sites that are like SwagBucks

There are some great websites out there that are like SwagBucks. My favorite is instaGC.com it is like SwagBucks but different in good ways. There is no wait to get your reward on instaGC.com and it doesn't cost an extra 50 pts either. Every prize is instant every time , unless you want a check, that is sent within 3 business days.

Here is a new site like SwagBucks it is ShareCashGPT.com. you get paid for completing offers, surveys, watching videos and more. You can get PayPal cash here for as little as $1.00 at a time with no maximum. You can also get amazon codes and other prizes.

The website that seems the most like swagbucks to me is GiftHulk.com. It has search and win like SwagBucks does. Also has Offer Walls and a treasure chest game, Much like SwagBucks this site pays within a few days and not instant like instaGC.com. But I use them all to maximize my online earnings.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Website Like SwagBucks but Better

A website that is just like SwagBucks but actually better in many ways is instaGC.com . This website has surveys, videos and offers just like SwagBucks but also has CrowdFlower Tasks and instant delivery of prizes. So that means what you earn today you get today, not days later like SwagBucks. There is no extra fee for this , it is for everyone, all the time.

You can earn way more cash and prizes faster on instaGC.com than you can on SwagBucks. You also earn from your referrals forever and on everything they do, not just up to 1000 points like SwagBucks.

The site I recommend most to friends and family who already earn on SwagBucks but want something better is instaGC.com.

Want a site like swagbucks that also offers PayPal with a low $1 minimum, and instant amazon codes? Join ShareCashGPT.com.